Aquatic Livestock Alliance
A Non-Profit Corporation

Established November 16th, 2007
Des Moines, Iowa

Initial Forum States
Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska,
New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Mission Statement
The Aquatic Livestock Alliance exists for the purpose of
promoting the interstate commerce of aquatic livestock.

Founding Members
Robert Lyons, IN;  Rich Clayton, IA; Marion Conover, IA; J. Alan Johnson, IA; Todd Hinegardner, IA; Larry Hinegardner, IA;
Mike Mason, IA; Joe Morris, IA; David Schmitt, IA; Mark Shearer, IA; David Starling, IA; Randy Wheeler, IA; Brent Culver, KS;
Randy Nelson, KS; Robert Baldwin, MI; Rick Weidenhamer*, MI; Roy Johannes, MN; Greg Oswald, MN; Nicholas Phelps, MN;
Ling Shen, MN; Bart Hawcroft, MO; Paula Moore, MO; Devon Weirich, MO; Dean Rosenthal, NE; James Brick, OH;
 Tom Chairvolotti, OH; Tony Forshey, OH; Elmer Heyob Jr., OH; Dan Longnecker, OH;  Charles Conklin II, PA;
Tony LaBarbera, PA; Thomas Cline, SD; Regg Neiger, SD; Tim Gallon, WI; Ron Johnson, WI; Myron Kebus, WI
* Joined after the Forum meeting as a founder


ATTENTION - Recent Developments

USDA NVAP Ruling Press Release    Federal Register Dec. 9, '09




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